lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

Exhibition - "The Little Black Dress" at C.C. Moda Shopping

Last Wensday I went to watch the exibition about The Little Black Dress organized by the shoping mall "Moda Shopping" in Madrid and I had the opportunitie to take some pictures. Although the quality is not very nice I want to share it for those who can´t attend to the exhibition in person.

Here is the text about the exhibition, I´m going to try to translate it as better as I can (to read it on spanish just click the picture to enlarge):

 - The Little Black Dress was born in 1926 by the hand of the legendary Coco Chanel. 
Until it appeared published for the first time in "Vogue America", in the spring of that year, the fashionable women had not worn black dresses except when they were in mourning.
Faithful to her concept that linked equally art and pragmatic, Chanel revolutionized this ancient tradition and turned black in the color of the elegant woman: the color of the twentieth century fashion.
The black also constituted a formidable base on which show off all kinds of beads, flowers, pins, striking costume jewelry, handbags, scarves, belts, chains .... accessories that were another great contribution of Coco to the feminine elegance and was the essence of its revolutionary new concept: "the Little Black Dress".
And the philosophy of the little black dress is just that: a neutral and discreet base with which, depending on the chosen accessories, the modern woman could feel safe and perfect 24 hours a day. 
Like all unique ideas "The Little Black Dress" remains at the time but evolves and transforms the way of fashion, always changing.

"Moda Shopping Vintage" is pleased to present a selection of 70 pieces that summarize the history of this fashion icon, axis of the modern woman's wardrobe, from its beginnings in the 20s, until today, well into the twenty-first century, this small exhibition covers nine decades of style, elegance and "glamour" representing "the Little Black Dress".

Lorenzo Caprile

Now is time to look at the pictures, I hope you enjoy them!!


FOTOS: Elena Roa

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